Getting a Puppy – Part 1

There are very few things more heart-warming than seeing a puppy running around your home. Your new pup will find everything very exciting as it explores its new surroundings.  It can bring you great joy and as it grows it becomes more than just a dog. It becomes part of the family.

However, not all puppies are lucky enough to find a person or family to keep them for the rest of their lives. According to the RSPCA, one fifth of the people who bought a puppy over the past couple of years no longer have them.

If you are thinking about getting a puppy there are many important things you need to consider.

Can you make a lifelong commitment to keeping a dog? – The average lifespan of a dog can be between 10-15 years. Can you ensure your dog is safe and well looked after for that length of time? Remember, circumstances can easily change so think long and hard about this.

Can you afford it? –Once you have paid for your pup there is the cost of food, toys and accessories, vet bills, worm and flea products, insurance, training classes and even additional costs to your holidays as your dog may have to be kept in a kennel while you are away.

Is your home big enough or suitable for keeping a dog? – If you live in a small flat it is probably not practical to get a Great Dane or a Rottweiler.  However, if you have a large roomy house and a big back garden then a larger dog  may not be a problem.

Will the puppy/dog be left alone for long periods of time? Puppies require an enormous amount of time and patience from their new owners. House-training, grooming, socialising, training, feeding, exercising etc take a long time to achieve. These are successfully achieved if someone is with the puppy most of the day at home. If the puppy is going to be on its own for 8 hours a day while everybody is at work a dog may not be such a good idea. Also, like humans, dogs can get lonely.

Will you be able to take your dog out for walks and regular exercise? – Dogs need regular walks and exercise so you or someone in your home needs to ensure they take the dog out. It will also be good for your own fitness levels too.

Have you researched what sort of dog is best for you? –There are many things to think about when deciding what sort of dog you want to go for such as the size of the dog when fully grown, do you want a pedigree or crossbreed, do you want male or female, coat length and type.  Some breeds are better with children than others, some do not like to be left alone and can suffer separation anxiety, some are more prone to certain medical conditions while others require more exercise and grooming. It can also be useful to speak to other owners, visiting shows and talking to breeders, vets and dog trainers.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, but the enjoyment you get can make it all worthwhile. Also it can help keep you healthier and add another aspect to your social life.  Training classes and walks are great ways to meet like-minded people who will share their stories, tips and ideas

If you have fully thought about it, weighed up the pros and cons and decided you have the time, money, patience and love to give to a dog then you should start to look around to find a reputable place to buy puppies.  In part 2 we will go through the options on where to go and what to look for when purchasing puppies.

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