Getting a Puppy – Part 2

After weighing up all the pros and cons you have now decided you want a puppy.  So where do you start?

Firstly, we would strongly advise you not to buy your pet from the internet, from a pet shop or from a newspaper advertisement as these are outlets used to sell dogs from puppy farms.  Due to over –breeding and inbreeding most of the puppies have, or will develop, genetic defects or other health problems at some point in their lives.  Also, poor breeding practices and unsanitary conditions at the puppy mill can have an effect on a puppy’s health.

If breed isn’t a big issue then animal charities and rescue centres are a good place to start as many of them are always looking to rehome puppies.  If you can give a rescue puppy a caring and comfortable home, it will repay you with trust and loyalty.

Alternatively, if you want a specific breed, you will need to do some research to find a responsible dog breeder.  You could start by asking your vet to see if they can recommend anyone.  Also, if you visit the Kennel Club website, they have a list of accredited breeders who have had their premises inspected and the dogs have been health checked. Word of mouth is another good way of finding a good dog breeder so ask around your friends and family.  You may have to pay more or wait longer to get a puppy from a reputable dog breeder but it is vital you end up with a pet that is healthy and happy.

There are several things you can look out for when dealing with a dog breeder.

When making the initial call, make sure you ask some basic questions such as age, sex, the parent’s health and some background information.  If you decide to meet them in person you can ask more detailed questions.  A good dog breeder will be incredibly knowledgeable about the pups for sale and will be able to offer advice and answer all of your queries.  A good breeder will ask you questions to ensure you are a suitable owner and to check you have done your research into the breed you are looking to purchase.

The dog breeder will allow you to visit and willingly show you all the areas where the puppies and breeding dogs spend their time.  These areas should be well maintained, clean and spacious.  Make sure you see the mother of puppies .  The dogs should look lively, clean and healthy and they shouldn’t shy away from visitors.

Good breeders will offer guidance for the care and the training of your pup and will be available for assistance once you have taken the pup home. They will be able to supply documentation for any vaccinations that the dogs and pups have had.

Once you have decided that the dog breeder is the right one for you and they have decided you are capable and responsible enough to care for one of their pups, you can take your pick.

In part 3 of this blog we go through what to look for when choosing a pup such as health , nature and what to do once you have got it home.

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