Getting a Puppy – Part 3

By now you should have decided on what sort of dog you want and you have found yourself reputable breeder. Do you know what you should look for when picking the right dog? The breeder should help with this, but just in case they don’t, here are a few tips.

Puppies should stay with their mother for about 7-8 weeks before leaving.  If you are offered a pup that is younger we would suggest you do not to take it.

A healthy puppy should have bright clear eyes and a clean shiny coat. Try to avoid getting a pup with a dull scurvy coat or a large pot belly.  If you get a puppy that has a disease it may never recover to full heath.  Your vet will be able to confirm if the pup is healthy and will be able to pick up any problems the puppy was born with.

Find out from the breeder about the state of the pups health and any treatments to date – have they been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, micro chipped etc.

A normal pup should be playful and active. If the pup looks nervous or appears sleepy this is normally a bad sign.  However, normal puppies sleep a lot so it’s worth visiting on more than one occasion so you can make a judgement.

When you bring your pup home make sure you have the essentials such as a warm bed, food and water bowls, a collar with the name and address on and some grooming equipment. Also,lots of toys and chewable things as this will help to stop your pup from being bored (and chewing the legs of the dining table). It’s a good idea to keep feeding it the same food it has been given by the breeder for a few days then introduce different foods gradually.

If you have other animals we suggest you do not let your pup mix with them until it has had its vaccinations.  Once it has finished the course of vaccinations then you can think about letting your pup mix with other animals at home or out and about. If you bring your pup to the vets as soon as you can, it will be checked to ensure it is healthy and the vet can give you lots of helpful advice about what to do next.

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