Keyhole Surgery Spays

We like to keep up with advances in treatment and be able to offer clients alternatives where possible. We have just invested in equipment to enable us to do keyhole spays  (laparoscopic spays) and Jonathan will now be doing these on a Friday. We are one of the only vets in the area to be able to offer this treatment and we think many of you will consider it a benefit to your pet. 

What is a lapaoscopic spay and why are we offering it?

To do this spay involves making two small skin incisions in the midline of the abdomen. These incisions are far smaller than in a conventional spay. The laparoscope allows the internal structures to be visualised with magnification. Bleeding is reduced to a minimum, as the blood vessels are sealed with electrocautrey. There is also minimal handling of other surrounding tissues resulting in less trauma. The ovaries are removed via the very small incisions which are closed without the need for external sutures.

The benefits of laparoscopic spays  are less trauma, faster recovery times, less post-operative pain, small skin wounds with no sutures and less risk of wound breakdown complications and infections. As there are no stitches, the dreaded buster collar is not usually required post operation and normal activity is usually resumed after 3-4 days. A larger area has to be clipped on the abdomen and sides but most dogs aren’t too fashion conscious and accept this is a small price to pay for the benefits.

On rare occasions the procedure cannot be performed using the laparoscope so the procedure then reverts to a conventional spay. Similarly if complications do occur, the surgery can revert to a conventional spay if required.

This is a substantial investment as the equipment itself is very expensive, for example a lightbulb for the kit is £700. We have also had to invest in an Anprolene Steriliser as specialised sterilising of the equipment is required to avoid infection. As an introductory offer the cost of a keyhole spay will remain the same as a normal spay, however the price will be increased in the near future to take account of the additional costs involved. 

We will continue to offer conventional spays so that our clients are able make a choice for their pet. If you have any questions then do please call us at the clinic, leave a comment on our Facebook page or send in a question via email to