A “Ruff” guide to understanding your dog

Carly and Ted 2We have joined forces with Dogs Trust Dog School to host a free event to help owners better understand their pooches.

The event, which takes place on Wednesday, March 25 at our Basildon practice, will focus on five key areas. It will look at where dogs come from, how dogs view their world and what they’re thinking, how owners can speak ‘dog’, busting dog-related myths, and causes of common problems and what owners can do about them.

Our client care manager Olivia Noble said: “Most of us talk to our dogs but do we understand when they ‘talk back to us’? Dogs use their facial expressions and body language to communicate with us.

“Learning more about how to understand your dog and interpret their behaviour will make for a much better life-long bond between you and your pet.”

Every year, many dogs are given up because of behaviours developed which owners find difficult to live with.

Olivia added: “Understanding your dog’s behaviour better can ensure you are more likely to react appropriately when difficult situations arise and know when to seek help if necessary.”

Dogs Trust Dog School was set up to provide support and training classes for dogs and owners, to support the Dogs Trust mission which is for every dog to lead a happy life free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

As well as owners understanding their dogs better, the workshop will also give people the chance to find out about their local Dogs Trust Dog School and what it can offer them and their dog.

To register for the event, visit www.cherrydownvets.co.uk/dog-behaviour-information-evening

People should arrive at 8pm for an 8.15pm start.