Border Collie

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You may have seen Big Brother, X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing but have you seen the new celebrity reality TV show called Flockstars?  It’s basically a modern version of one man and his dog with celebrities. The celebs have to learn how to instruct the dog and herd sheep or goats. After watching it the dogs are the stars and I haven’t heard of most of the celebrities.

One of the most popular sheep dogs is the Border Collie.  These are working dogs and were developed for herding livestock in the Anglo-Scottish border region. They are renown for their sheep herding skills and they are a joy to watch as they dart about to the command of whistle. They are also used as tracker dogs and for mountain rescues.  They are widely considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dog and are also energetic and athletic. They are often used for dog agility where their intelligence and athleticism come to the fore.

Border Collies are medium sized and have a thick coat which sheds frequently.  The most common colour is black and white but you will also see dark red, red/tan and blue merle coloured collies too, as well as mixture of all colours. Due to the amount of hair they shed it would be wise to groom them once a week to help keep their coat in tip top condition.

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Border Collies are energetic, enthusiastic, playful and can be quite demanding. They have a need for mental stimulation and lots of exercise so if you are not able to provide these things then a Border Collie is not for you.  If a collie gets bored or is unstimulated they are famous for chewing through furniture, digging holes and being destructive.  If you like long walks and the outdoors, can provide a home with lots of activity, maybe another dog and plenty of exercise there is no reason why they can’t fit in. They were developed for work and this is their ideal role.

Health Issues

Like most dogs, Border Collies can live long, healthy and happy lives. However, there are certain health problems which may occur such as:

Hip Dysplasia (see our 2 part blog on the subject HERE and HERE)


Collie Eye Anomaly

Juvenile Cataracts


Collie Hearing

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofusicinosis

Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome

As we have said, your collie may never suffer with any of these, however, it’s always best to be informed.

If you have any questions about the health of Border Collies either call us at the clinic or leave a question on our Facebook page