Compulsory Microchipping – Dogs

From the 6th April 2016 all dogs must be microchipped.  The government are hoping it will help cut the growing number of strays.

Recently we have been asked a few questions about microchipping, and the new regulations so we thought we would put them in a blog as we are sure they are many of you with the same thoughts. 

What is Microchipping?

It’s a small microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, which is implanted between the shoulder blades of the dog

Does it hurt?

No, not really. It’s just like having an injection. The dog doesn’t have to be anesthetised to have it done.

How old does my dog have to be to be microchipped?

Your dog can be any age to have a chip. However, from the 6th April 2016 the new regulations  require all dogs by the age of 8 weeks to have one implanted.

What if my dog isn’t microchipped by the 6th April 2016?

As it is a compulsory requirement, by not having a microchip in your dog, you will be deemed not complying with the new regulation.  If your dog is found not to have a chip you will be served notice and you will have 21 days to get a microchip implanted in your dog.

In rare cases a dog may be exempt from having a microchip if a vet certifies it can’t for health reasons. This needs to be done on a form approved by the Secretary of State.

Will I be fined?

Yes. If you do not get your pet microchipped and registered after your 21 day notice you will receive a fine of £500.

Who will be enforcing this new regulation?

At the moment it will be down to local authorities, police constables, CSOs (Community Support Officers) and anyone who authorised by the Secretary of State to enforce the new regulations. We have read The Kennel Club is donating a new scanner to each local authority to help them enforce the new regulations.

Who do you use to register microchipped dogs?

At Cherrydown we use Petlog.  They are the UK’s largest microchip registration and reunification database. We use them as we want to ensure our clients and their pets get the best possible service.

The above is a general overview of the new regulations based on the questions we have received.  If you have further questions about microchipping your dog feel free to call the clinic or leave a comment on our Facebook page. If you have questions about the new regulations you can call Petlog directly on 01296 336579 and press option 3 or go to