Kennel Cough

Although we have written about this subject before, we thought it would be a good time to remind you about the seriousness of Kennel Cough.  With the summer holidays just around the corner and many people intending to put their pets into kennels, now is an ideal time to check your pet is fully vaccinated and that boosters are up to date.

Kennel Cough – also known as Infectious Bronchitis is a very contagious disease of the respiratory system which can affect dogs of any age. It is a fairly common ailment in dogs and is the canine equivalent of the common cold or flu in humans.  However, if left untreated, it could lead to more serious health problems.  People tend to associate it with dogs that have been kept in a kennel environment. This is a common misconception as your dog is just as likely to catch the disease while out on a walk, socialising with other dogs in a park or at a training session.  Any time your dog is in the vicinity of an infected dog, the potential exists for infection.

Kennel Cough is caused by a combination of highly infectious viruses and bacteria that will spread rapidly in the air or by direct contact among a group of dogs. The incubation period is approximately 8-10 days meaning your dog will not display any symptoms of the illness straight away.

The virus is typically inhaled which causes inflammation and damage to the cells lining the windpipe and allows the bacterial part of the Kennel Cough to move in.  The bacteria paralyse the small hairs that line the airway which stops dust and particles from entering the lungs.  This will then result in irritation of the windpipe and the dog will begin to cough.

If you would like more information in relation to the symptoms, prevention and treatment of Kennel Cough, please contact us directly for further information on vaccination and/or treatment of kennel cough.