Pet Diabetes Month

rotator-photo-c-560x355Did you know it is pet diabetes month? It’s a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the condition because many people are not aware that pets can have it.  Just as in humans, it’s becoming increasingly common in pets, especially cats and dogs over the age of six, overweight pets and certain breeds.  As many owners are not aware of the possibility of their pets having diabetes there are lots of animals living with the condition with no treatment being given.  This can seriously affect the pet’s health long term.  The good news is diabetes in your pets can be easily diagnosed with a simple urine test.  A Cherrydown nurse  will be able to advise you so if you are concerned you can make an appointment to see one of them.

What is diabetes?

Like humans, animals need to produce insulin.  This is a hormone which helps convert sugar in the bloodstream to useable energy.  If the animal is unable to produce enough insulin, their blood sugar can become very high and problems can occur.

What are the symptoms?

Look out for the following symptoms which may indicate you pet has diabetes:

Weight loss even though they are eating well



Drinking more water than normal

Excessive urination

As previously stated, if these symptoms go untreated it can affect your pet’s health and it could also be life threatening.

Can it be treated?

If your pet is diagnosed with diabetes it can be treated but generally it can’t be cured.   Our vet will go through what you will need to do to ensure your pet has a happy, normal life. This will include the right diet and making sure they get regular exercise.  Also, you will have to routinely inject your pet.  You won’t have to worry about giving your pet an injection.  Our nurse will give you full training and if you have any concerns or worries you can always call us at the clinic to speak to someone.

If you have any questions about this subject please call us at the clinic and someone will be able to help you.  Alternatively, if it is a non-urgent question you can post a comment on our Facebook page.