Small toys are best off the menu for kittens: The lucky Paws Marney!

This is the story of a young Mr Paws Marney. The very cute 12 week old (or thereabouts!) black & white kitten came to us after having somehow managing to swallow what appeared to be parts of a toy! Unfortunately Paws had to be operated on to remove the offending toy parts, luckily though Paws came through and is doing very well now.  His mum, Clare Marney wrote us a lovely letter: “Paws and Paddy arrived at the Marney household on Thursday May 26th 2011 from The Cat Protection League. They settled in very well and took over in the style any respectable kittens would do! Causing havoc and providing endless amusement. It wasnt long before my curtains had to be tied up over the rail as they thought they could use them for their Tarzan impressions! “Everything seemed to be going rather nicely until Paws feel ill on the Sunday morning, vomiting and looking rather sorry for himself. I called you guys and was told to monitor him and make sure he drank and offer him some chicken or fish later on in the day and see if he improved. Despite following these instructions, he was still suffering on Bank Holiday Monday and so I bought him in to see the vet. You guys know the rest! “With regards to what he swallowed, as I have already told you, I have no idea what it could have been. They were bought 2 toys and upon inspection they were in tact. And my Daughter is 11 so there are no other toys laying around for them to get hold of. I can only assume it is something he discovered before he came to us. “Anyway, he is home now and doing very well. He is taking his antibiotics like a good boy and loves cuddles and kisses. I just can’t wait for him to have his stitches out! “Thank you all for making him better and looking after him so well. It was awful to see the poor little mite suffer like that but your kind care and attention made it easier to cope with as I knew he was in very safe hands.” Kind Regards Clare Marney