Two cats die from air gun injuries

Pet owners have been issued a warning by a top Essex vet after two cats died from wounds inflicted by air guns.

One cat had a pellet lodged in its chest and the other had one lodged in its spine.

cat with injury, cherrydown vets
Injured cat with a pellet lodged in its spine

Clinical director Kevin Wood said: “These are dreadful incidents and two sets of owners have been left devastated at the sudden loss of their pets.

“It’s not always easy to spot that your cat has been shot as the pellets used in air guns are quite small.

pellet lodged in the chest, cheerydown vets
Cat injury – pellet lodged in cat’s chest

“If pet owners do have any suspicions that their cats have been shot then they should contact their vet immediately.”

He also had a warning for the people using air guns.

“Many people don’t realise that it is illegal to use an air gun in public.

“The police do not take it lightly and you could find yourself in serious trouble if you use one and you are caught.

“The mindless shooting of innocent animals will certainly not be tolerated.”

If you have concerns that your cat has been shot by an air gun, call Cherrydown Vets on 01268 533636.