Vets shocked by abuse

This is the shocking story of an all too common occurrence.  Cherrydown vet Catherine treated a dog at the end of May who was incredibly malnourished and nervous. The dog’s name is Tilly, and this is her story. “On Friday 27th May 2011 our son Andrew was aware of a 4×4 vehicle rushing down the street with a brown coloured dog chasing after it.  He managed to get hold of the dog and brought it to us. As you can see by the photos she was really underweight and very timid. “We managed to get some food inside her, but it took 2-3 hours before she would drink any water. We have had her for two weeks now and she is putting on some weight but is still very thin. Although the photos don’t show it clearly she had cuts to her leg and it looked like she had been just thrown from the vehicle. “We are not very happy with people who dump dogs like this and hope this might help to stop this sort of thing happening.” Mr & Mrs J. We work closely with the RSPCA at Cherrydown Vets and hear about this far too often.  Please, if you know of this happening in your area, contact the police and/or the RSPCA, and give them as much info as possible.  The mistreatment of dogs needs to stop.