The dangers of dogs and sticks

Ask any vet and they will tell you not to throw sticks for your dogs.  Whilst you may see it in pictures and films, it can be incredibly dangerous.  There have been occasions where sticks have splintered and have got stuck in an animal’s throat with tragic consequences.

On this occasion a stick wasn’t thrown but it does highlight the danger.  Jess Mallott is a gorgeous 12 year old Staffy, and though she’s getting on in years she still loves her walks and to play. Unfortunately when she was out yesterday she decided to play with a stick and part of it split in her mouth and got lodged between each side of her jaw. She tried to paw at it but she was unable to get it out, and her owners were naturally worried about trying themselves and hurting her more. She was brought in to us and had to undergo an anesthetic so we could remove the stick and clean the gums around where it had been lodged. The stick was about 3 inches long and is clearly visible in the photo.


Following the operation she recovered well and was able to go home late yesterday evening. There should be no lasting effect but she was in considerable discomfort when brought in and needed pain killers afterwards. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope she is back out on her favourite walks again very soon.


Sticks and bones can both be dangerous for dogs and we recommend that when out for walks you have purpose made toys to throw and play with.

If you have any questions regarding this subject please call us at the clinic and someone will be able to help you.  Alternatively, leave a question on our Facebook page and you one of our staff members will answer it for you