The Dangers of Lungworm

Lungworm  can be a killer and with a warm wet winter and spring on the horizon you need to be prepared.

Slugs and Snails

lungworm1Slugs seem to be everywhere at the moment – from the tiny weenie ones to the mutant monster ones! Dogs can intentionally as well as accidentally eat these slimy molluscs, when eating grass, playing with a toy outdoors, drinking from an outdoor water bowl or rummaging in the undergrowth. If you see slugs or snails in your garden or on your walking routes, there is a risk of your dog becoming infected with lungworm, which can be fatal. The good news is that this parasite can be prevented, but there is only one licensed product for this. Lungworm is not prevented by standard wormers, so make sure you speak to us on your next visit as we have a treatment to keep your pet safe. Can you afford not to ask?



Dog Poo

Just one pile of dog poo can contain a million roundworm eggs! We know that you are a responsible pet owner as you are reading this, but did you know that even if you scoop the poop, eggs can still remain in the left overs and could even go on to affect humans, yuk! Only by worming monthly, can you break this life cycle. Roundworm eggs are also  a public health risk because roundworm can cause blindness in children.  Ask our vets about the best product.





The fox population could be putting more dogs at risk of contracting hookworm and lungworm. Lungworm can be fatal, so if you see foxes out and about, make sure you add these parasites to your list of potential risks!



Other dogs

Dogs love to have a sniff of each other in the park, but did you know that dog-to-dog contact can transmit roundworm (through eggs found in their coats), fleas and subsequently tapeworm!



We sell products that can keep your pet safe against these nasty worms. So be prepared, be safe and ask your vet. Also,  if you want to spread the cost and save money, why not ask about our Health Plans, excellent value for your preventative care needs. Click HERE to find out more