Positive response required for blood donors

Here at Cherrydown, we are urging pet owners to sign their dogs up to become potentially life-saving blood donors.

Just as with humans, dogs often need blood transfusions when undergoing medical treatment and we are issuing a plea to owners in Essex to register their pets in a bid to boost current low stocks.

An ideal canine donor has a calm temperament, is fully vaccinated, over 25kg in weight and under eight years old.

Kevin Wood, clinical director at Cherrydown, said: “Without blood donors, veterinary surgeons can’t undertake important and often life-saving operations, so we really do urge dog owners to find out more about how they and their pets can help.

“Dogs may feel a small scratch but, after this, the whole process is painless and pets always get a lot of cuddles and attention from our nurses, who are with them throughout.

“The amount of blood taken is small, so as not to cause an adverse effect on their own health and, after donating, a small dressing will be applied which can be removed after about an hour.”

Donating blood takes about 20 minutes and we offer a £35 credit to owners’ accounts – as well as a fresh chicken treat for dogs.

Anyone interested in finding out more should call us on 01268 533636 or email [email protected].