Toxic mushrooms warning issued by Basildon vets

We have issued a warning to dog owners about the potentially fatal dangers of toxic mushrooms.

Out clinical director Kevin Wood gave out the warning after reports across the country of dogs becoming extremely poorly and even dying as a result of consuming toxic mushrooms.

Signs that people should look out for in their dogs include excess saliva and sweating within the first half an hour of mushrooms being eaten, followed by abdominal pains, sickness, diarrhoea and frothing at the mouth. They may also struggle to walk in a straight line.

basildon -vets-mushroom-warning
Cherrydown Vets is warning people about the potentially fatal dangers of toxic mushrooms to their dogs.

Kevin said: “These mushrooms, which are often referred to as ‘fool’s funnel’, are extremely toxic to dogs, especially smaller breeds.

“They are particularly common at this time of year, growing in abundance in fields and woods and often just in people’s back gardens.

“Like most forms of poisoning, it is vital you take your pet to the vets as soon as you realise what they have eaten. The first 30 minutes is vitally important for a pet’s recovery.

“The quicker you react and seek help, the better your dog’s chance of survival.

“Just as some wild mushrooms can be extremely harmful to humans, the same applies to dogs. Owners should keep a very close eye out for what their dogs are eating while they’re enjoying the outdoors.”