VN Awareness Month 2021 – Sarah Campbell

Name: Sarah Campbell

Title: RVN CertVNECC

How long have you been a veterinary nurse?

I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2016.

What is the most rewarding thing about this career choice?

The most rewarding thing about this career choice is the ability to work with animals every day!

What’s the best thing about working at Cherrydown practice?

The variety of cases at Cherrydown always keeps things interesting.

What does an average day involve for a veterinary nurse at your practice? What type of treatments and care does this include? 

An average day includes giving treatments, taking blood, running diagnostic tests, placing intravenous catheters, caring for our patients, drawing up medications, monitoring anaesthesia, taking x-rays, cleaning, completing paperwork and seeing clients.

How has your role progressed within the practice? sarah

I joined as a locum nurse mainly in pharmacy and am now a permanent part-time nurse.

How has your role changed during the pandemic?

Due to the pandemic and social distancing, face to face interactions were reduced.

What single most important thing has helped you through these challenging times?

My own pets were a great source of comfort during these challenging times.